Woman evangelist discovered deceased in hotel room following alleged encounter with Bishop; suspect apprehended.

The community of Umuatakawom in Obingwa, as well as the church members at Agape Evangelical Ministries, were left in a state of shock and mourning upon learning about the tragic passing of evangelist Happiness Echieze. Her role as an evangelist and her active involvement in the church had made her a familiar and respected figure among the congregation.

As news of the incident spread, questions began to arise about the nature of the relationship between Mrs. Echieze and Bishop Timothy Otu. Their alleged romantic involvement, as indicated by text messages on her phone, added a layer of complexity to the situation and left many wondering what might have transpired in the hotel room that fateful night.

The arrest of Bishop Otu, who had been a prominent figure within the church, sent shockwaves through the religious community. The fact that he was apprehended after delivering a sermon about repentance showcased the sudden turn of events and the stark contrast between his public persona and the allegations surrounding the incident.


With the investigation transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, many are hopeful that the truth surrounding Mrs. Echieze’s passing will eventually come to light. Autopsy results are eagerly anticipated, as they are expected to shed light on the cause of her death and provide valuable insights into the circumstances that led to her tragic end.


In the midst of this unfortunate event, the community and the church are left grappling with the loss of a devoted evangelist and the uncertainty surrounding the case. As investigators work diligently to uncover the truth, those who knew Mrs. Echieze continue to remember her for her dedication to her faith and her role within the community

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